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"Sixteen and trying to be perfect. It's not going well."

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Ms. O’Hara finds a breathtaking sweep of feelings within the iteration of those three small syllables. “Iowa,” she sings, in the number that begins the new musical “The Bridges of Madison County,” and you hear both the heady hope of liberation and the hopeless acceptance of captivity. (x)

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theatre challenge » 6/10 performer

celia keenan-bolger

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Oftentimes first impressions are worth a second glance.

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Broadway stars looking 10x hotter than you
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Laura for Broadway meets Runway

Laura for Broadway meets Runway

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favourite musicals: next to normal (2009)

favourite musicalsnext to normal (2009)

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Why not simply end it? We’d all comprehend it
And most of the world would say he’s better off that way
To be free and maybe so is she
Why Stay/A Promise, Next To Normal (via sarahellalin)

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professional perfect person kelli o’hara

professional perfect person kelli o’hara